Our Philosophy

What we do:

  • Agree all fees in advance and confirm in writing;
  • Respond to all emails by close of business on the same or next working day;
  • Treat all clients with the same courtesy and respect regardless of size;
  • Provide year round support;
  • Strive to provide exceptional service to our clients;
  • Stick to what we are good at;
  • Return business records promptly;
  • Have a sense of humour;
  • Get to know you and your business

What we don't do:

  • Jargon;
  • Surprise invoices;
  • Differentiate clients;
  • Take on clients whom we do not feel appropriate;
  • Try and be all things to all people;
  • Rest on our laurels

To find out more about how Dormer Finance Ltd can help your business, call us on 01268 888 450.